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What is PVC Sports Flooring?

It is a sports floor that is constructed in layers with a variety of overall thicknesses depending on the performance level required of that floor covering. It can have many solid color profiles and a variety of woodgrains as well. It is a floor designed for athlete safety and joint protection.

Who is Gerflor?

Gerflor is the specialist of pvc sports floorings since 1947 with their brand Taraflex™. It is a worldwide leading brand of indoor sport floors. Their expertise and experience are reflected by the wideness and the quality of their product ranges. They work on innovation and offer products that fit numerous sports usages each having a wide range of colors. Concerned about keeping the technical performances and design of our products, we eco-design our ranges with respect to the environment as well as the health of our users.

Gerflor has a range of durable and sustainable gym flooring solutions for all areas of your facility. Our products are world class and the portfolio includes flooring for both the full scope of indoor applications and also outdoor play.

With over 50 million square feet of Taraflex installed in North America alone, we understand how important it is to future proof your interiors. Therefore, our solutions offer optimum safety, comfort, performance. They are also competitively priced to meet the needs of most budgets. We can assist you with specifications, technical advice and quoting for new build or renovation projects.

The gym flooring ranges combine technical and design characteristics specifically for sports and fitness environments. Achieving stunning looks coupled with high levels of safety and performance can often be a challenge. However, our range of durable fitness solutions stands the test of time even in heavy traffic environments.

Multi-purpose halls can welcome sports activities (for schools, gym session…) and non-sport activities (dancing, trade fairs, local activities). To satisfy these needs, our experts have developed a range to accept all these different activities.

The fitness flooring range is the perfect answer to each space of your sport building. Our experts have created a complete solution of floors bringing technicity and design.

Creative Sports Solutions is proud to represent Taraflex exclusively in Atlantic Canada and maintains a strong dealer status in Ontario.

What is Gerflor’s Visualizer Tool?

Gerflor provides an online service to assist you in visualizing what a Taraflex Sports Floor Covering may look like in a variety of sports related settings. If you have a picture of the floor in your facility, you can upload the picture and overlay your choice of Taraflex Sports Floor in any available color.

Here is the link: Taraflex Sports Floor Visualizer Tool

Here is a generic gym scene provided by the Visualizer and two completely different aesthetics created at the touch of a button.

Creative Sports Solutions

OPTION 1: Taraflex Multi-Use

Creative Sports Solutions

Option 2: Taraflex Multi-Use

What are some key features of Taraflex by Gerflor?

• Taraflex products are protected by triple action ProtecSol. This element of the construction provides a friction burn-free surface. At the same time friction burns are eliminated, Protecsol provides the correct amount of slide and grip. Taraflex products do not require waxes and finishes for the life of the floor covering. This eliminates vast quantities of chemicals from public waste water systems, many hours of labor and of course saves money over the life of the floor
• Taraflex products never need refinishing.
• Taraflex with the DryTex installation system allow you to install your sports floor over floors with high water vapor emission levels.
• Taraflex products are 100% recyclable
• Taraflex products are permanently treated with Sanosol for anti-bacterial and fungicidal action.
• Taraflex products are FloorScore certified to assure you and your patrons that the indoor air quality will not be compromised by this floor covering.