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Lolimpin Gym Equipment – Since 1986

Lolimpin are manufacturers of Indoor/Outdoor Gymnasium & Sports Equipment. They are a family owned and operated Canadian company. In conjunction with Lolimpin, we have been serving schools and sports facilities across Canada for over 18 years.

All equipment is manufactured in their Concord, Ontario facility under strict quality control from the raw materials purchasing stage through to the finishing and packaging stage. Their products are manufactured in accordance to National & International Specifications and distributed throughout Canada. All welding is conducted in accordance to the Canadian Welding Bureau, implementing the highest standards within the welding industry .

Creative Sports Solutions is pleased to offer Lolimpin’s Planning Stage Consulting Service. It is available to our clients who are planning a new facility or are interested in bringing an existing facility up to date with safer and modern equipment.

We will be happy to assist you in the planning of your new gymnasium or renovation. Whether you require courtside benches, volleyball nets or a complete array of new fixtures, we are here to help. Needs will be evaluated and specific products will be recommended for the safe and efficient use of your facility. We cannot stress enough the importance of a well-planned facility for maximum functionality and safety.

Once we have identified your needs and have coordinated the installation in accordance with the current applicable building codes, we can discuss a regular inspection and certification of your sports equipment.

After the installation of your new equipment and after each inspection, we will affix labels to the equipment indicating to by-law inspectors and insurance professionals that your sports equipment has been inspected by manufacturer’s representatives.

Creative Sports Solutions distributes Lolimpin Gym Equipment exclusively in Atlantic Canada are pleased to represent Lolimpin in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.