for sports facilities in Canada since 1951. We supply and install wooden and synthetic gym floors, gym equipment, indoor & outdoor scoreboards, fixed and portable sport seating as well as seating for the performing arts.

70+ Years

Helping Canada’s Sports
Facilities Achieve A Competitive Edge

Creative Sports Solutions

Look nowhere else for world-class support and services. CREATIVE SPORTS SOLUTIONS offer best-in-class when it comes to our full range of Gymnasium floors, equipment, curtains, scoreboards, telescopic bleachers and auditorium seating which are designed to make your sports facility much more engaging and competitive.

Sports Equipment Solutions With An Integrated Approach

At Creative Sports Solutions, we understand both the needs of a facility manager as well as those of your athletes using the facility. From gymnastics, volleyball, badminton and basketball, we provide solutions for all sports.
We use an integrated approach to offer specialized design, installation and maintenance services.

Creative Sports Solutions

After carefully determining your requirements, we combine our decades of expertise with that of our engineering teams to increase the safety of your facility as well as assure you provide a state of the art experience for both your patrons and athletes alike.

Creative Sports Solutions