Design Services


Do you want a new scoreboard, seating system, gym equipment or a new sports floor?

Do you want to arrange for maintenance on your existing equipment?

With our consultation services, an experienced CSS representative will personally visit you in your facility and once they are familiar with your requirements, we will provide a comprehensive recommendation of our products and services.
We will:

  • Walkthrough your facility or venue with you and discuss options based on your space, requirements and budget

  • Develop a proposal with detailed quote and recommendations for products and installation services


Once you decide to move forward, your CSS sales and service contact, along with our service team will:

  • Manage your project from beginning to end—from scheduling through the completed installation

  • Oversee the installation process and arrange for delivery

  • Offer personal instruction on how to operate your new equipment and accessories once the installation is complete

If your situation requires seating, sports flooring, scoreboards or gym equipment, all of our industry leading manufacturing partners have teams of engineers and graphic artists to assist us in creating a solution just for you.


If you are a design professional and REVIT models are useful to you, our seating manufacturer HUSSEY SEATING is able to accommodate your needs. In addition to detailed shop drawings, Hussey can provide REVIT modelling for you and your client.
Hussey Seating products (especially telescopic products) are generally custom configurations that don't readily lend themselves to creating small, workable Revit models. Accordingly, Hussey Seating has taken a hybrid approach of creating "light" models (or families) that will provide you with most of the design, visualization and 3D modeling benefits desirable at the front end of the design process, while keeping file size constrained in order to enhance model performance.

Once your working design is complete, your Creative Sports Solutions technical sales representative will provide you with our current 2D submittal drawing package based on the exported "schedule" of items included in your design to facilitate the construction process.

This 2-D drawing package will be a fully code compliant execution of the initial 3-D design, complete with final seat count, proper aisle size & placement, and code-compliant ADA accommodations. This process can be repeated as needed during the design process, giving you the freedom to iterate the 3-D design and ultimately receive a code compliant package of 2-D submittal drawings to construct the building when the design is finalized.

Here are some of the REVIT families that Hussey Seating offers:

Click here for a tutorial showing Hussey’s REVIT abilities:

Hussey Seating’s 3D Quattro Arts Chair Configurator

Use this tool to generate a custom specification with image for your Quattro Art Series project. With the assist of this 3D modeler, you will discover the many options the Arts Series provides you as a designer. You can choose from the many fabrics, wood colors, arm rests, power options just to name a few.

To try your hand using Hussey Seating’s 3D Modeler, click here:

Consider Quattro Arts Chairs for your next Performing Arts, Theater or Worship project.