Preventative Maintenance and Repair

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Creative Sports Solutions
Creative Sports Solutions


Once we’ve completed the contracted installation and/or Inspection, we will install one of the two following certification labels.

Creative Sports Solutions

We will place this sticker on a newly installed Hussey Seating product or to any brand of seating that we have successfully repaired.

Creative Sports Solutions

We will place this sticker on newly installed backboards or backboards that we have successfully repaired.


Telescoping seating systems (bleachers), athletic equipment (backstops, curtains, etc.) are typically among the largest fixed equipment investments in a sports facility. Quality equipment, if properly maintained, should last for the life cycle of the building. Bleachers and athletic equipment are typically used by thousands of people each year and are commonly one of the focal points of the community. Being such a large and publicly used system, bleachers and athletic equipment also represent a major source of regulatory and insurance liability.
The focus of our maintenance programs are safety, regulatory compliance, limitation of risk/liability & reduction in facility capital costs through increased product life cycles.


Just like every car needs an oil change, your Telescopic Bleachers, arena and auditorium seating and Athletic Equipment all need a little TLC to maintain their respective optimal operation standards.
Preventative maintenance for your equipment often means more than tightening the hardware and cleaning up. Our Maintenance Solutions include the option to couple Preventative Maintenance and Annual Inspections for a complete solution checking every board, bolt, and operating mechanism to extend the lifecycle of your equipment.
Upon completion of an installation, inspection and/or service work, our technicians will install an installation/inspection label on your equipment that will let your insurance company or by-law inspector know that you have had your equipment inspected by a third part professional. If your bleacher was manufactured by Hussey Seating, an annual inspection is required to maintain your warranty.