Who is the MFMA?

MFMA's mission is to be the worldwide authoritative source of information about maple sports flooring and related sports flooring systems. MFMA accomplishes this mission through the development of quality and performance, installation best practices, education, and by promoting the use of quality maple and sports flooring products. Founded in 1897, the MFMA is the only authoritative source of technical information about hard maple flooring. The association publishes grade standards, guide specifications, floor care recommendations and specifications for athletic flooring sealers and finishes available from MFMA headquarters or for download from the MFMA website. Architects, contractors, school officials and maintenance personnel regularly consult the MFMA with questions about the specification, use and care of MFMA maple flooring.

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Connor Hardwood Sports Flooring

Connor Sports is the market leader in sports surfaces. They have designed more sports surface systems than any other sports surfacing manufacturer and specialize in maple hardwood courts, vinyl and poured urethane sports surfaces and vulcanized rubber track surfaces and recycled rubber sports surfacing. Since 1872, Connor Sports’ professional engineers have lead the industry in new product design and development, setting the standard for innovative solutions in sports surfacing. That leadership is shown through our clients. They have built maple hardwood basketball courts for 14 NBA teams and countless numbers of NCAA universities.

Connor Sports has a wide range of both Portable and Permanent hardwood sports floors to fit a wide range of performance requirements and budgets.

Creative Sports Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Connor Sports Floors in Atlantic Canada.


As the longest standing manufacturer of hard wood maple basketball flooring and a founding member of the MFMA, Horner Sports Flooring has earned a reputation for excellence by providing the world's finest hardwood basketball floors, synthetic sports floors and portable basketball floors around the world.

Their maple hardwood basketball floors have exhibited unmatched proven performance and has resulted in Horner permanent sports flooring and portable wood basketball floors being used in NCAA, NBA, Pan-American Games, Olympics Games as well as schools, YMCAs and athletic centers worldwide.

At Horner they believe the intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design". To us this means choosing a sports maple design which consumes the least number of trees possible while maximizing the maple tree resource to the greatest benefit of both design professional and owner.

Horner Sports Flooring also has a wide variety of product options to consider in both Fixed and Floating constructions.

Creative Sports Solutions proudly represents Horner Hardwood Sports Floors in Ontario.

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What hardwood sports flooring is right for you?

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