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A Seating, sports equipment and sports flooring supplier

Creative Sports Solutions

Creative Sports Solutions is a division of Ralph Connor Co Ltd. We are a highly reputed company that provides seating and flooring solutions across Canada. With offices in Markham, Ontario, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, we’re the go-to flooring and seating company for all your sports and commercial flooring needs.


Originally, Ralph Connor Co Ltd was incorporated in 1951 in Halifax by Royal Canadian servicemen. The group started the business with a focus to supply Dex-O-Tex waterproofing and advanced flooring solutions to the Canadian military. Over the years, we’ve diversified to increase RCCL’s product line and expertise to include a broader range of marine products as well as a new business division called Creative Sports Solutions. It is through CSS that our business in the sports and entertainment world has continued to expand over the last number of years.


We continue to be the preferred partner for businesses looking for marine deck coverings. For decades now, we’ve installed the best coverings using our expertise and know-how. However, over the years, we have partnered with brands known around the world to provide sports equipment and flooring solutions in education, healthcare and various other commercial markets.


  • Ralph Connor Co Ltd is the first flooring contractor in Atlantic Canada to achieve ISO certification

  • We have partnered with well-known manufacturers such as Hussey Seating, Gerflor Flooring Group, Connor Sports, Aacer Flooring, OES Scoreboards and Lolimpin Gym Equipment.

  • Local and trustworthy business

  • We’ve got all you need at one location

Creative Sports Solutions
Creative Sports Solutions
Creative Sports Solutions

Our Popular Products

We continue to serve our clientele by representing popular product categories:

  • Connor Sports Flooring: hardwood and synthetic gym floor products

  • Aacer Hardwood Sports Flooring: high-performance hardwood flooring and sub-floor systems for the sports and recreational industry

  • Gerflor PVC Sports Flooring: for every skill level and budget, we can help you choose the synthetic gym floor that best suits your needs

  • Champion Synthetic Sports Flooring: they produce poured urethane for indoor and outdoor applications. They are the polyurethane athletic flooring specialists

  • Hussey Seating: fixed and portable seating as well as retractable bleacher seating

  • Lolimpin Gym Equipment: sports equipment for most gymnasium based sports

  • Qued Curtains: provides a variety of divider curtains to maximize your gym’s utility

  • OES: delivering customized indoor and outdoor scoreboards and time clocks

  • Connor Sports Court: provides a modern option to hard surface for outdoor court sports

  • Gerflor Commercial Flooring: one of three manufacturers in the world of sheet good linoleum